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Welcome to, an enterprise implementation of GnuPG for MS Windows.

With a little planning, configuration, eGPG and of course the GnuPG core, an enterprise encryption solution is not only necessary, from an administration and security point of view, but practical and possible from a setup and financial point of view.


Administrating several keys on several clients can be costly in terms of licensing and overwhelming, especially when certain users should have access to only a few keys. Plus, user access to the locally stored private corporate key(s) is, by its very nature, flawed. And if, by some act of God, the private key is lost, any previously encrypted file may be inaccessible.

This is where eGPG steps in with a user friendly GUI design, Windows group membership integration, single enterprise wide key-ring and the ability for a centralized GnuPG installation and configuration as well.

And its price?

Free. Can't beat that!!!

The current eGPG release is 1.11 released April 25, 2007.     Check out our screenshots..

The first release of eGPG 1.0 was July 21, 2006.

Suggestions\Bugs? Drop me a line. Click here.


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Enterprise GUI for GnuPG
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