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eGPG has several advantages over standalone applications, some of them include:

  • eGPG utilizes a centralized GnuPG installation and key-ring for encrypting and decrypting files, not a new concept, but it eliminates the need for key-ring importation after the client installation in an enterprise environment, while increasing key security.

  • eGPG eliminates the security risk of the public exposure of the private key. Using the centralized key-ring the client and user only has access to the private key for decryption only. The private key sits on your locked and secure server, not on the user's machine.

  • eGPG can be configured to fully integrate into the Windows domain infrastructure. Key access can be granted based on the user's group memberships within the Windows domain. The user only sees what they are allowed to.

  • eGPG users are able to export the public key in order to distribute it, without the hassle of involving the system administrators. While the private key remains inaccessible to the users for everything other than decryption.

  • eGPG has a user friendly design that simplifies enterprise implementation of communications encryption required for compliancy with initiatives such as SAS 70 and Sarbanes-Oxley.

The first release of eGPG was July 21, 2006. Suggestions? Drop me a line. Click here.


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